Hunger Games

Editress, B, and I were sitting around this evening talking over what would happen if we (and our siblings and various friends) were thrown into the Hunger Games.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hmmm.  I bet AKGirl would win.
Editress: Oh, she’d be ruthless.  And she hunts.
B: Yeah, but Junior just took up bow hunting as well as knowing how to shoot guns.
(thoughtful pause)
Editress: He’d be a lot nicer than AKGirl though.  It might be his undoing.
Me: You’d be pretty good B, you know how to shoot and you’re strong.
Editress: My sister would die first.  She’s too nice.
Me: Your brother might make it…  But his arrogance could be a fatal flaw.
B: Would there be alliances like in the book?  It makes a difference if we went in with our relationships versus just our individual personalities.
K: Yeah!  Junior and I would kill everyone!
Editress: You and Junior could definitely take down AKGirl together.
B: Okay fine, I didn’t want to be allied with my wife anyways.
(pause filled with giggles and muffled apologies from K in which she tried to claim she thought only sibling relationships would be present, not ties by marriage)
K: If you and Junior and I were allied we would definitely win.  Then hopefully you two would kill each other fighting over who had to kill me and I would be the victor!
B: Don’t you mean “who would have the privilege” of killing you?
K: Sure!  Either way, I’d win.

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1 Response to Hunger Games

  1. Unknown says:

    I'd be mean, even to K.

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