Back to the Grindstone

The book I mentioned in the last post is progressing.  Perhaps not as quickly as I might have hoped, but still.  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself because B was out of town being a rock star at a conference for five days and I still turned in two chapters and an author bio.  Ha ha!  Take that, writing deadlines!  And they were long chapters!  And they were the climax of the first third of the book!  And the last one was particularly exciting!

All of which made me feel like I deserved a little break.  Even though I don’t really.  Even though I still have to write chapter six this week, and even though it isn’t as exciting as chapter five.  B “subtly” reminded me of this on Sunday.  In case you, gentle reader, have an author in your life you’d like to encourage to write more of their book, take note of the subtle hints given by B in the following conversation:

K (in a giddy tone): I’m so happy you’re home!  And the weather is nice!  Wheee!
B (in slightly more sober tones):  Yeah, it’s great. . .  Hey, I know: why don’t I take LLF for a run while you to get a hot chocolate and work on chapter six.  I can text you when we’re at the playground and you can join us.
K (a little dampened): Oh.  Yeah, that sounds fun.  I guess.
B (in encouraging tones): Or you could get iced tea.
K (thinking to herself): Or I could goof off and not write chapter six which is in no way as exciting as chapter five.
K (aloud): Good idea.  Iced tea is nice.  I guess.

And so I dutifully went and worked on chapter six.  Which is turning out to be just as much fun as chapter five, even if it is not as exciting (no one gets slapped in the face in this chapter).  In the spirit of how I wanted to behave that afternoon though, I got an iced tea and a mini-creme brulee.  Ha!  Take that writing deadlines!  I will meet you and eat creme brulee!

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3 Responses to Back to the Grindstone

  1. junior says:

    are any of the characters irascible? I imagine irascible characters are fun to write, even when they aren't doing anything exciting.

  2. K says:

    Well, Branwell is an opium addict and an alcoholic, and the Bronte's father is mostly blind but keeps a pistol under his pillow in case he needs to control Branwell… so I think between them I can fit in some irascibility.

  3. Sounds like home , can't wait to read it 🙂

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