Almost… There…

The end is in sight! (pant, pant, pant)  I have two chapters out of fifteen left to write.  I can hardly believe it.  I think my editors can hardly believe I might really finish this manuscript only a month and a half after I was supposed to.  The excitement of almost being done has me able to overcome nausea and fatigue to write faster.  Well, being done with the first draft.  We shall not mention any revisions that may need to take place.  Let me pretend that my genius is such that I don’t need to revise the books I write.  Now stop laughing and bring me a glass of iced tea with fresh mint.

It is also making me resentful of LLF when he wakes up from his naps.  I know he has every right to wake up from his naps (and I certainly like having him alive and well, even if he is awake), but I definitely resent that first “Mama!” from his room.  I sigh and narrow my eyes.  Then I snuggle him.  But even when I snuggle him I am torn between the joy of snuggling and wishing he would go make himself a snack and read a book for a while so I could get a little more work done.  Or so I could just sit in an exhausted stupor from what I already did that day.

Until those last two chapters are written I am sticking to my new motto: “Laundry?  What laundry?”  It’s too hot out to need clothes anyway.

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1 Response to Almost… There…

  1. MaTorg says:

    Keep it up, girl! Little Lord Fauntleroy won't remember these months of neglect. (:When will it be actually published because ME wants to read IT!!!!

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