Ha, ha!  Triumph!  I am already two weeks further along with babykins #2 than I got with LittleLordFauntleroy!  That means that I am less than two weeks from full term, and even if it came today (which so far is looking pretty unlikely), the doctors wouldn’t try to stop it (the way they did–to no avail–with LLF)!  Triumph!! This means that I didn’t get those incredibly painful weekly shots to prevent preterm labor for nothing!  Ha ha!  Which means you get to stay in there and practice breathing and wiggling and all those other things you’re supposed to be doing, Babykins!  Yay!!

Which means… I am incredibly uncomfortable.  My legs and arms have swollen up to the point where my docs put me in maternity compression hose (yeah, those are as awesome as they sound).  The baby is tall enough to kick my ribs from the outside.  You read that right: the baby can jam its foot between my skin and my ribs and kick my ribs into my lungs (this has been confirmed via ultrasound).  I can’t sleep at night because I have Restless Leg Syndrome and heartburn.  Oh, and I still have nausea.  And there’s a weird clicking in my lower back when I walk as though part of the joint connecting my spine to my pelvis is trying to dislocate…  So… Yay for hormone shots that prevent preterm labor?  I guess?  Yay for a baby that is probably already 6 lbs and could stay inside for another 5 weeks, getting bigger, and bigger, and better at trying to dislocate my ribs…??  yay?

They are so lucky they are cute, because otherwise as soon as they arrived we’d either eat them or leave them out for the wolves.

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2 Responses to Triumph!

  1. Junior says:

    laughing at the conclusions you came to in this post. Eat them or leave them for the wolves? Yeah, sounds about right.

  2. MaTorg says:

    Hurray for the baby! And, if anyone can carry of pregnancy hose in style, it is definitely you.

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