The Final Countdown

Still bored.  Still agitated.  BORED.  AGITATED.

It’s been a week and a half since the docs thought it would be a day or two.  There has been no change except higher blood pressure.  I’ve had several doctors mention that they find it comforting that I live so close to the hospital because when things do finally start to happen, they will probably happen pretty quickly.  I too am pleased because I *really* don’t want to be one of those “had her baby in a taxi” Caput Mundi stories.  The Fiend 2.0 has a week to get the ball rolling before measures will be taken.  Mummy and her diabetes have put you on notice little one.

B thinks it just wants to wait until Friday so it can have the same birthday as LLF.  This sounds like something a child of ours would do, thus setting themselves up for endless years of bickering over who gets the weekend closest to their real birthday for their party.  If this happens I plan to force them to have a joint party for as long as possible.  And if LLF doesn’t like it, then he should have showed up in December like he was supposed to.

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