This morning LLF and I were talking about colors.

Me:  What color are LLF’s eyes?
Me: What color are Mummy’s eyes?
Me: What color is Mummy’s hair?
Me: ….

Thanks for that kid.  Perhaps it’s retaliation for earlier today when I said that he could not play with the can opener, the trash, or the bread knife?

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2 Responses to Touche

  1. Junior says:

    Don't worry, it happened to me, too, and I am AGES younger than you. While I was buying beer the other evening, the following exchange occurred:"would you like to see my ID?""No, you look 32." "32! WHY?"[thoughtful pause]"It's all the wrinkles around your eyes."

  2. K says:

    Hahaha! This is why you should do a guest post. (And B was going to laugh at you, but then he remembered the difference in clerks carding him when he's wearing a baseball hat and when he's not and they can see his hair).

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