Close One

Sometimes (rarely), I feel like I have a handle on this whole “parenting” thing.  But sometimes I realize just how close to disaster I come.  For instance, in the conversation below you will see that if LLF were a little more wily or even just a little older I would have been in for it this morning.

LLF: Baby doll cry!
Me: Oh dear, the baby doll is crying?
LLF: Yep.
Me: What will make him feel better?

There, you see that?  You see my gross error in judgement?  If LLF had answered: “A cookie.  A cookie will make the baby doll feel better, and I will eat it for him.” I would not have given him a cookie, but I would have spent the next half hour explaining over and over why the “baby doll” was not getting a cookie, or a rocket ship, or a box of diapers with only Oscar the Grouch on them.

Phew.  That was a close one.

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2 Responses to Close One

  1. Hello Kate,You do have your hands full. I am loving keeping up with you and your life, even while we are sitting in the Kgalagadi park. Right now I'm under a camelthorn tree in the shade, near the reception office, as that's where the internet works. Think of you often and wish you well with your book!Love,Lee

  2. K says:

    Thanks Lee! I'm so glad you're enjoying our (mis)adventures. I would rather be sitting under a camelthorn tree with you than facing the incoming sleet here!

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