If Aliens Appeared

If aliens suddenly appeared, vaporized humans and then conducted archaeological research on our material remains here is what they would think when they got to our house (as daily rearranged by Little Lord Fauntleroy): 

Ah, this must be the bathroom.  Where they keep their wine bottle vacuum thingy.  Oh look, the bathtub contains stacking plastic cups and what appears to be a drowned playmobil kayaker. Perhaps he was a ritual sacrifice.  Hmmm, there are Q-tips jammed in the band-aid box and band-aids stuffed in the dental floss bag.  The toilet paper is stacked into what is clearly a decorative pattern–if a little wobbly.  Ah-ha, water records show the toilet was flushed at least twice as often as necessary.  This household must have been trying to hide things by flushing them down the toilet.  Most interesting, the inside of the bathtub is scrawled with wheels and a toad shouting “Poop poop!” in bath crayons.  Perhaps the toad god required the drowning of the playmobil kayaker?

Tune in next week for aliens looking at the state of our living room and concluding that robbers had just turned the place over. 

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