In a variation on the theme from the last post, here is a list of what I found under my desk today when I tidied up so I could fit my feet underneath it:

  1. The magnetic letter H
  2. Bottle lid
  3. What used to be a ladybug paper plate valentine
  4. Spatula
  5. John Deere tractor (not life-sized)
  6. Grizzly bear (also not life-sized)
  7. My to-do list from three days ago (only two things crossed off)
  8. Dried out ball of play-doh in an indeterminate color
  9. Three pages from the most recent draft of my book helpfully edited with what appears to be a combination of yellow highlighter, green crayon, and either finger paint or blood.

This leads me to believe that I have an infestation of feral children.  Perhaps they can be domesticated to offer more helpful editing tips than (scribble, scribble, WHEEL!, scribble, WHEEL!)?

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2 Responses to Tidying

  1. MaTorg says:

    Oh, honey, you should see what the kids have done to my desk…

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