X Leads to Y Leads to Z

Little Lord Fauntleroy has a big boy bed.  LLF can open his bedroom door.  LLF can scale the extra-tall baby gate.  He can open our locked front door.  LLF knows what a deadbolt is and how to work it.  As of this post he is 1/2 inch too short to flip it.  LLF knows what the safety chain on the door is and that he can work it if he stands on his stroller (damn you hardware locks play board).  He is tall enough to push the elevator down button and knows which button takes him downstairs.

All of which is why I’ve had the following chat with our doormen: “If you see a two-year old in Thomas the Train pjs at 2am, or really any time, could you give us a call?  Don’t be swayed by the dimpled smile and request for ‘Doow ope! Go Ouuuuut?’  It’s a trick.”

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One Response to X Leads to Y Leads to Z

  1. Junior says:

    So it begins…fomenting rebellion and the quest for freedom.

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