Here is a list of things that one of us has done as a parent that seemed like a good idea at the time, but made the other parent break out in hives/faint in horror:

(K) ate creme brûlée in front of LLF when he was refusing to go to bed (with no intention of sharing–although in my defense, B had just done the same thing with rice pudding with no visible effect on LLF)

(B) “Hey, you want to learn how to play the saxophone?”

(K) mentioned a Thomas the Train birthday cake in the abstract, when no such cake was in her possession.

(B) Interrupted LLF playing with trains to tell him he was leaving for work.  (“Daaaddaaaaaaaaa! Nooooo woooooook!”)

(K) Threatened time out if LLF got out of bed one more time.  This resulted in LLF running full speed from his room to the corner by the door screaming, “Mow time out!” just to stay up a little longer.

We haven’t quite earned a Darwin award for parenting, but we’ve definitely had our moments.  It’s ‘cuz we’re such geniuses.

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2 Responses to Genius

  1. B says:

    But I hid while I ate the rice pudding. No defense on the others, so I plead the fifth.

  2. Brain says:

    That? That’s JV. Here’s how we do it in the big leagues : At a PT appointment, both the PT and I were protecting the Peanut from slipping *backward*, so I stopped holding his hand. He immediately launched himself *forward* ended up with a mouth full of blood and a trip to emergency dentistry. After a week of soft foods, we’re hopeful he’ll be able to keep the tooth long enough for the replacement to come in. Now that’s some fine parenting.

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