We’ll Take What we can Get

If you are a particularly perspicacious reader (i.e., alive and semi-literate), you might have noticed that B and I have not been getting much sleep due to our darling offspring (once I’m better rested I’ll consider promoting them to children). LLF went from being an (energetic) angel at bedtime who happily jumped in his crib and chatted with himself until falling asleep mid-wiggle to an hysterical nut who could not be contained, would not go to sleep on his own, and was going to be the death of us.

At the same time the Captain was shifting from being able to sleep happily anywhere to needing to be put down properly in the crib (but not wanting to make the shift). Not our easiest nights as parents–which our sore backs did nothing to help. Of course, neither did the Captain chortling like mad every time LLF poked his head out of his room. Nothing keeps a toddler up like an appreciative audience who finds him HILARIOUS. Thanks Captain.  Thanks.

After trying a variety of ineffective measures (if your kid can climb up bookcases to knock lamps over, pull night lights out of the wall and unscrew lightbulbs, and unlock doors, I really can’t recommend “cry it out”), we settled on the silent put-back-in-bed.

The first night he got out of bed 61 times in the first 20 minutes. Night two was 40. Night three: 4. Hallelujah. The middle of the night appearances are also decreasing.  We realized that he went to sleep faster if we left his door open and made some noise (I think the silence made him worry that we were trying to skip town without him.  Don’t tempt me, kid.  Don’t tempt me.) The Captain is starting to go down more easily too (possibly because we can focus on putting him down before he’s overtired because we aren’t busy wrestling his older brother into submission).

B and I were gleefully discussing our triumph (for now), over our offspring; how we loved being able to relax and catch up on each others’ day; how we enjoyed chatting just us grownups; how we might actually have a glass of wine and do a little work or watch The Hobbit (whatever, don’t judge our life choices!), etc, etc. then we realized that we were having this celebratory moment while hiding in our bathroom and talking quietly so the Captain didn’t hear us and wake up.

Baby steps. We’ll take what we can get.

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