‘Tis the Season

Long time no blog entry.  You know why?  ‘Tis the season.  Conference season, that is.  Therefore B is forced to leave us, his darling family, and travel around the globe to places like the Netherlands, California, Istanbul, Washington DC, and Rochester (okay, that last one is a little less resentment-inducing than the others).  Did I say “is forced to”?  I’m sorry, I meant “gets to”.  As in: “Why do you get to leave the house without the kids?!”

B is swanning around, drinking lattes and enjoying airport delays due to the Sequester, while I am like that parent in the Huffington Post article: “Mama! I go bath wif you!”  This is not to say that B doesn’t experience the glamorous life of a parent as depicted by that article.  After all, we are raising our boys not to be sexist and they certainly believe that equal work deserves equal pay(back): “Dada! Oh no! Diap[er] fall off!!”

But the fact remains that B has an office outside the home and I do not.  His comes with a door that closes and even locks, and my desk at home is vulnerable to attack on three sides.  But wait…  I have a key.  Hopefully he doesn’t read this post before I can whip his office door open, dump the kids in and run.

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