Four Days Ago:
Me: Can I have a kiss?
LLF: Nope. Boog.
Me: I can have a booger?
LLF: Yup. Big boog.
Me: I’m honoured.

Three Days Ago:
LLF: Hap Birf Mamaaaaa!
Me: It’s not my birthday.
LLF: Ope pesent!
Me: Wrapping part of a tractor in your blanket and singing doesn’t mean you get to stay up. Get back in bed.

Two Days Ago:
LLF: Mama! Help!
Me: What’s the matter?
LLF: In jail!
Me: You’re in jail?
LLF: No, Mama in jail.
Me: Why am I in jail?
LLF: Me escape train. Mama in jail.
Me: Can I at least have some Bubble and Squeak?
LLF: Yup.

LLF: Me nake!
Me (from other room): What?
Me: Why are you naked?
LLF: Yup.
Me (going to check)
LLF: Here go Mama. (hands me perfectly balanced and perfectly full stinky diaper)
Me: Oh my God, you are NOT allowed to change your own poopy diapers!
LLF: Me nake!
Me: Sigh.

Any bets for today?

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3 Responses to Conversations

  1. MaTorg says:

    hee hee. Need a drink?

  2. Editress says:

    “Me Nake!” is definitely a favorite LLF-ism.

    • K says:

      You bet it is. Luckily he had forgotten to get NAKE before he started with the A&D so it was limited to exposed arms and legs.

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