Everyone likes to feel independent (to a greater or lesser degree), but what independence looks like changes as you go along.  When you are 6 months old, being independent means rolling over, and trying to crawl (please let that be “trying to crawl unsuccessfully” for just a little longer…), or getting to hold the spoon to feed yourself sweet potatoes; or even discovering all by yourself that you have a top of your head you can pat.  What delight.

As a parent to small children, independence means getting to go potty all by yourself (with no fat little hands clawing to get in under the door), or taking a run without the jogging stroller, or taking a nap.  God, those all sound so fun.  Maybe I’ll try them soon.

But if you’re 2 1/2 then independence looks like getting to put your shoes on by yourself, or eating a whole brownie, or maybe even covering all four of your limbs liberally in A&D ointment in case of boo-boos.  And I mean liberally.  As in: I need to go buy more paper towels.  Right now.

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