Lessons Learned

Things LLF has learned while visiting the Last Frontier:

1) Taking the Labrador with you does not count as “having a grownup with you” when you go outside.

2) Arboretums and botanical gardens appreciate it if you use your super T-Rex sense of smell and the one-finger-touch rule, rather than picking the best flowers.

3) Glacier ice is not for licking.

4) If you smile winningly at adults and say “yummmmy!” they will pick and feed you your own weight in crab.

5) Saying “one beer please Mama” will not get you a beer.

6) If you use two hands you can work the hose.

7) Grownups fail to show the proper pleasure at your ability to unlatch the gate and climb down the 60 steps to the garden by yourself.

8) Stating “I like cold!” does not mean you can wear only a diaper outside.

9) Unscrewing lightbulbs is not an acceptable bedtime activity.

10) The Last Frontier is the best.

edited to add: 11) Cliff bars should be suitable fare for all meals.


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2 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. MaTorg says:

    I love that pick of Cedric. Sounds like you are having a thrilling time!!!

  2. Lee Grogan says:

    So happy you are entertaining Sally and Frank with yourself and the boys. I know they are loving it! Great photo of LLF. Hope you are having some sunshine in the Great Land. xoxoxo

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