B has a cold (it’s not a man-cold, although at first I was suspicious). The toads (especially the smaller toad) have it too. The first thing that drops by the wayside when disaster strikes is my work. I called Mustang to vent about this because B does everything he can to be present and helpful so it’s not his fault this happens and therefore I can’t blame him. Then I realized I was interrupting my mom at work.



Side note: you know what cheers up a house full of cold sufferers and people taking care of said germ-incubators? Homemade chicken soup with yellow, orange, and red carrots instead of just orange. High-five.

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2 Responses to Irony

  1. Zelda says:

    You didn’t call her “at work.” You called her at the office. You ALL are working!

  2. annalgh says:

    That soup looks YUMMY! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

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