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Standards and the Forces of Chaos

I was going to title this post “Standards and the Forces of Evil”, but that seemed a little harsh on my one year old. As you, gentle readers, may have noticed, I often write about abandoning my attempts to keep … Continue reading

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Living in the Moment

Sorry the blog has been abandoned like a couch with bed bugs (i.e.: abandoned, ignored, pretend you don’t know it, just keep walking). It’s because I had been trying to balance too many things and nothing was getting done as … Continue reading

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X Leads to Y Leads to Z

Little Lord Fauntleroy has a big boy bed.  LLF can open his bedroom door.  LLF can scale the extra-tall baby gate.  He can open our locked front door.  LLF knows what a deadbolt is and how to work it.  As … Continue reading

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Hypothesis/Experiment: If the Captain is fed just as LLF goes down for his nap, then both kids will sleep at the same time and I can get some writing done. Results: Nurse Captain Jack.  Eye my draft in anticipation.  Craft … Continue reading

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Waste of my Time

You know those medical things which are 99.99% probably not actually medical things? Like potential kidney problems from your type one diabetes and thyroid cancer from your…. previous thyroid cancer?  Yeah those.  I hate them.  I don’t hate them because … Continue reading

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My hopes have been dashed.  I have been feeling a bit tired and not quite as fit as I would like.  So naturally, instead of thinking that maybe the new baby, the winter weather, and not being able to devote … Continue reading

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Close One

Sometimes (rarely), I feel like I have a handle on this whole “parenting” thing.  But sometimes I realize just how close to disaster I come.  For instance, in the conversation below you will see that if LLF were a little … Continue reading

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